As a grading contractor we excel in landscape grading and site grading. We work diligently to help you make better use of your lot, doing landscaping prep that will give you the level spaces you need to better utilize your property. We can help you make better use of your site, and we also specialize in grading for retaining walls. Using our compact excavator allows us to do work in smaller, tighter places which is perfect when working close to homes or in those areas usually requiring hand shovel work. Our use of a full sized four axle dump truck with a demo box that can hold 17 tons means we can move bigger quantities faster than landscapers, saving you time and money. Our skills and equipment allow us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

As a grading contractor Earth First Excavation assures you that we will provide quality workmanship and superior customer service in all grading services.

Grading and Other Services We Offer:

Earth First Excavation offers complete grading and excavation services, including:

  • Site & yard grading
  • Retaining wall prep
  • Rock wall construction
  • Demolition and clearing
  • Landscape preparation grading
  • Excavating
  • Driveway & parking pad installations
  • Stormwater runoff grading and sloping

Our compact excavator with a fully rotational grapple is ideal for working in tight quarters, you will save money and man hours typically required in work near homes or outbuildings. We will protect the integrity of your property or job site while moving more material quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

What is Landscape Grading?

Landscape grading is reshaping the land; typically this is done by scraping the earth with our compact excavator moving around the dirt to produce a level area. Earth First Excavation Grading is usually a combination of cutting and filling. Grading can include removal of unwanted materials, soil and rock. If demolition is part of the grading requirement we are fully prepared to move quickly and safely for our client’s projects. We are a full service demo contractor, concrete and blacktop removal as well as whole buildings. We have the proper equipment to quickly demolish and dispose of all debris in addition to completing the site grading timely.

Landscape grading is usually done with heavy machinery such as bulldozers and excavators. The area is first cleared of unwanted materials which is disposed of, then finished to a smooth, level area that can be more effectively utilized in many ways. The usual grading of property in the Snohomish area requires creating retaining walls. We specialize in grading for retaining walls including terraced retaining walls. 

Grading is done for placement of small buildings, foundations, footings, sidewalks, and slope terracing that directs surface runoff drainage. Site grading is also used for site stabilizing and aesthetic contouring. Grade, slope and pitch are all important factors when grading land for aesthetic and practical use. Landscape grading is becoming more critical due to stormwater runoff and is now being monitored closely by government agencies. Consequences for poorly graded land can be severe, including fines and damage to your property.

Our Site Grading Services

When you need an excavation contractor in the Snohomish area you can't go wrong with Earth First Excavation! We are a locally owned and operated excavation contractor and we are dedicated to working with you to implement the best solution for your needs. We are fully licensed and fully insured. We are proficient at site grading, landscape grading and site prep. We are well trained, competent in all aspects of grading and excavation.

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise, having been in business for over 12 years, to finish your project on time. We tackle all projects with the dependable service and competitive pricing that has made us well known in the Snohomish area. We pride ourselves in being able to completely handle your site preparation from demolition, to debris removal and finish grading. All our grading projects are executed with the same level of safety and quality our customers have come to expect. We are experts in a wide array of services to ensure your project is successful. Our specialized skills, knowledge and tools make us the best choice for your landscape grading or site grading project.

So call us today at (425) 353-4198 to get started on your project!