We at Earth First have a genuine concern for the environment that informs all of our work. We know that you value the preservation of natural beauty in the places where you live and work. Our rockery designs take careful consideration of environmental concerns such as erosion and water drainage. We can also help you create conditions that will foster the growth of your preferred plant varieties, as well as attract beneficial and desirable insect and animal life. We can bring your backyard ideas to life!

A rockery can be a retaining or protection design that is made up of stacked rocks or decorative stones without mortar. The stones can be stacked to interlock but there are no artificial connections made between the individual rocks. These designs use the weight, size, shape, and interface friction of the stones to provide overall stability. Sometimes rock is used in landscaping to highlight specific plantings, replace a traditional lawn area or help stabilize an area of yard. Adding rock can be one of the most dramatic changes to your landscape design.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are usually low-maintenance and can be in-season all year round. They add a natural feel and variety to the landscape. Rock gardens are becoming very much in demand because they can bring a modern element to landscaping and can be used in multiple applications. At Earth First we have done many different styles of installation, always with the same great care and precision work you expect.

Backyard Ideas

A rockery is a garden idea that can be an elegant addition to your landscape, and by adding a variety of plants, rock sizes, landscape boulders and greenery you can create a colorful and stunning focal point. Large rockeries should be installed by a professional contractor because of the heavy labor involved and Earth First is well prepared with the proper equipment and years of experience to assist you in getting the perfect landscape design you are desiring.

Patio Designs

You can get that natural look you desire by incorporating basalt quarry rock or granite in your landscape design. There is a large variety in rock, they can go from pea-sized to boulders with many different color variations. Basalt quarry rock is blasted from the mountain and has the jagged appearance that makes it ideal for that natural look and is very popular in landscape designs. It can be used in retaining walls but also to protect plant roots and keep down weeds. Not only is it economical but it also adds texture and dimension to your landscape.

Achieving an attractive rock garden requires exceptional attention to detail. We take great care to work with our customers at every step of the process. We listen to your ideas and pay careful attention to your vision and plans. Our extensive experience also allows us to give valuable input into the design process, educating our customers in important details of a project. We can help you improve both the practical and the aesthetic aspects of your design. For instance, the type of rock you choose—such as granite or basalt quarry rock can make a big difference to the way a feature fits with its surroundings. We can help you make some of those difficult choices. In collaboration with you, we promise an elegant and pleasing landscape, custom-designed to the distinct characteristics of your property.

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