At Earth First we specialize in rockeries and other types of stone landscaping features, such as customized stone staircases. A uniquely designed rock staircase with complementary landscaping can transform and enhance the features of any home or business. Rock features such as these require the appropriate skills, experience, and equipment needed to achieve a beautiful and lasting result. We specialize in the artistry of stone, our years of experience have taught us that there is a big difference between just creating stone stairs and creating a staircase that is a "masterpiece".

Rock Stair Treads

The use of stone treads can take the place of concrete steps and help bring your patio ideas to life. Rock stairs built with landscaping stones can be the focal point of a well executed landscape plan, or a contribution to the overall development. The final result must be an outstanding work of art, that is your goal, and it is what we strive for.

Landscaping Stones

Any slope in your landscape design can become a wonderful garden staircase by using natural stones. Garden stairs are almost always informal in design which makes rock placement critical. While you don't need to follow exact measurements for each stone, each stone must be placed with an eye on the overall design. This can lead to much more complexity than building traditional stairs. The slight difference in each stone step make the rock stairs appear more like a natural landscaping feature. Usually you don't want to end up with something that looks like a man-made design. That is why it is so important to hire someone with years of experience such as Earth First for placing your rocks for your stair case.

When building we can use a single slab for each step, or fit smaller rocks together with a nice tight fit. One of the challenges is using various rock sizes when building the steps, but this is what makes the rock staircase so dramatically beautiful. The rocks we choose must have a good, flat side with a substantial surface area to make a safe step because safety and longevity of your staircase is of utmost importance to us.

Rock Stairs - Our Valuable Experience

We have many years of excavating experience under challenging work conditions in the Snohomish area. Our excavator has unique features that allow us to negotiate tight spaces without damage to adjacent structures or stonework. The excavator’s full- rotational grapple allows us to move and place stones with precision and without unsightly scraping of rock surfaces. The rubber tracks on our excavator eliminate damage to driveways or other ground surfaces, which may be caused by the steel tracks of other equipment.

We also have a small wheel loader that we use for moving material back and forth from the truck. Our truck is has a full demo rock box on it with a 17 ton payload (most trucks have only 15.5 to 16 ton capacity). This increases our efficiency and results in less cost for you.

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Our primary goal in rockery design and rock staircase construction is a final product that pleases our customer in every detail. Your satisfaction means a job well-done, so call us today at (425) 353-4198 to get started on your project!