Terracing with stone retaining walls adds variety, elegance and depth to the landscape of your home. It also protects steeply sloping areas from erosion, channeling water runoff to properly constructed drainage sights. Well-designed rock walls can be crucial in preserving the natural beauty and environmental health of your property.

Retaining Walls

If you need a retaining wall, rock retaining walls have both great durability and a much improved appearance over brick walls at a comparable cost. Stone retaining walls are always a popular retaining wall choice and at Earth First we have installed many of them in the Snohomish area using basalt quarry rock and granite rocks. Our years of experience help us to ensure proper rock placement, grading and stability while bringing your landscape ideas to life.

Precision Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require the utmost care in construction, a failed retaining wall can be devastating not only to the homeowner but also to the landscape. That is why we work so hard to be sure your retaining wall is built precisely, both for safety and stability but also for appearance. Quite often we do cropping style walls which are large stones placed on a slope to create planting pockets. These walls are not done straight up and down like a solid wall they are more random placed rocks meant to embody something you might see on a hike in the forest.

The strength and longevity of hard materials anchor the environment and define the architecture of the landscape. Rock can complement the softer elements of your garden. A rock wall is an excellent way of dealing with awkward slopes and creating a focal point on a flat landscape. The rock wall adds interest, dimension, texture and color.

Landscape Rock Walls

There are companies that build the huge commercial walls that are done fast and cheap. While we can do that also, we specialize in walls that are built for a home owner who wants it to be a focal point in their yard with nice tight joints and amazing rock stairs. These are stone walls that require the artistry that we can deliver. A poorly done rock wall can not only be an eye-sore but also dangerous. We at Earth First have the experience and equipment to be sure your rock wall is constructed not only to be as beautiful as you imagine, but completely safe and stable.

Because there are so many aspects involved in the construction of rockeries and rock walls, costs have the potential to get out of control. We appreciate the importance of keeping projects within your expectations of cost and time. You will receive a professional and accurate estimate from the outset, and we work very hard to complete every project within those estimates.

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Through a combination of technical know-how and extensive field experience we pride ourselves on building high quality, natural rock retaining walls that will withstand the elements for many years to come. Of course, our expertise expands far beyond rock walls and stone staircases so call us today to get started on your rock wall at (425) 353-4198.