Earth First is owned and operated by Chris Crouch in Snohomish, WA. Earth First prides itself on its high level of customer service and superior quality of work while maintaining a genuine care and concern for the environment. We take our time to educate our customers on our landscape materials, rock retaining walls, excavation, demolition and drainage systems. 

Earth First also is able to take on most jobs the competitors can't by fitting into tight areas with our machinery while not ruining the land or other structures that other excavators are known to do. Our excavator is uniquely designed with a full rotational grapple to move both large and small objects (rocks, logs, railroad ties etc.) with extreme precision. Also the 6" wide rubber tracks on our excavator work well on walkways, driveways and other ground surfaces while not causing any damage that most steel track excavators would. 

Earth First strives on bringing something a little bit extra to the table with each job and prides itself on its guarantee to provide superior customer service. Give Chris a call at 425-353-4198 for a free estimate today.

Our Equipment