No construction job is undertaken lightly, especially excavation, which is why we take our excavator services so seriously. Typically a great deal of thought, planning and design takes place before ground is even broken and excavating begins. Once you've reached that stage you have made a big commitment. You have laid out the groundwork carefully, and now those plans must be executed precisely and professionally.

You need an excavator service and excavation contractor you can trust to see your plan through from excavating the first hole to placing the last rock in a wall.

Quality Excavation Equipment

That's where Earth First Excavation comes in. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to get your excavating job done right from start to finish, while attending to all the details in between. We pride ourselves in being the best excavating contractor around. For example, our excavator has a custom attachment called a "Rotational Grapple". This is an expensive and unique addition that allows us to do very detailed work that saves a lot of hand-work and saves time. We also have a small wheel loader that we use for moving material from the truck and to the truck, that cuts time on-the-job and saves you money.

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From the moment you contact us with a job, you will appreciate our professional and courteous interaction. As the job progresses, you will find that we pay exceptional attention to detail while treating all of your concerns and suggestions with care. Each job is customized to your specifications. That is why we have such a great reputation in Snohomish County area as the go-to excavation experts.

When everything is complete, we are confident that you will be stunned with the results. We pay close attention to every functional aspect of an excavation. But we're not satisfied with a job until we achieve a graceful finish that is aesthetically pleasing both to our customers and to us.

Here are some other good reasons to choose Earth First Excavation:

Our work is cost-effective

Our background of professional excavation experience enables us to choose the most suitable methods for your job. We want you to accomplish your new construction or improvement goals on time and on budget.

We honor our time and cost estimates

We pride ourselves in being fair and honest with our clients. We know that your time and money are important to you. Not only will we give you a professional and accurate estimate on your excavation needs, but we have a history of finishing within our estimates of both time and cost.

We are courteous, knowledgeable, and professional

All of our clients get a professional reception when they come to us. We treat every potential project with respectful consideration, applying our knowledge and experience to ascertain the needs of our customers in each and every detail.

We are careful and considerate

We take great care to listen carefully to the client's needs and act accordingly. Our professional experience often allows us to suggest valuable improvements to the design of an excavation job. But we never over-ride the desires of our customers.

Customer service and satisfaction is our priority

Our greatest satisfaction is to see your happiness and satisfaction when the project is complete. The most fulfilling part of a job is to stand together with our customers and look out over a pleasing and attractive landscape.

Earth First Excavation Contractor for Snohomish County

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